Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oh baby...

New night lights at the shop...
this one is different than the others,
it's a bisque doll head, totally zombified
with tinges of green and decay...what else!
Love the subtle light it puts out...oh yeah,
CREEPY when the lights go out!!!

This lil' charmer 'Whiney Bitch' is a full body
hanging or table model...hang on the wall
near the nightstand or just plop on the table
or under the bed...heh's unique
in the fact that it still has it's 'cry baby' box,
so if you shake the doll it squawks!

'I'm Kind of a Big Deal' is another whiner,
give it an upside down shake
and it lets you know...SQUAWK...
I love the full-body babies and their tattoos,
so much personality!
The other crackhead 'Really' is not lighted,
I haven't decided whether to do it or not,
the eyes would have to stay in for this one,
it's head n shoulders are glued to the body
making it harder to light.
But all in all, they make nice additions to the
collection and all will be on my etsy
store for sale afraid!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013


 OK, so...WHAT...

 This is where I work...

 Your table has to be filled with crap to be inspired...
and coffee...right...

I'm a loner, however I do have partners in crime...
sumthing is always rollin' around in my brain
giving me inspiration for new inventory for the store,
whether it be baby head nightlights,
eyeball earrings n necklaces, or just plain stuff...
I have to be inspired...right...nuff said!